Danny Edwards

Contemporary Worship Leader


I was born and raised here in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, and can think of no place I would rather live, or serve God’s people. I am the son of a Pastor, and therefore I have been in church all of my life. Because of my Christian upbringing though as a child and well into my teenage years, I was heavily involved in church and youth activities. However, I did not truly give my heart to Christ until I was almost twenty years old. It was then, on April 8, 1982, that my best friend led me to pray the Sinner’s Prayer, and undeniably invited Jesus Christ in to my life to be my Lord and Savior. At that moment, I was forever transformed!

I went on to graduate college, and then marry my lovely wife, Diane, in 1985, and we made our home in Fairview, where Diane was raised. Then ten years later, God gifted us with a beautiful daughter, Emily. I had a career in Sales and was content just being a mundane, average, church-attending Christian, going through the motions that a lot of believers find themselves…unfulfilled, barren, malcontent.

But then in my thirties, God allowed me to discover his true calling on my life…singing and praising Him. Before then, I was a naturally shy and introverted person, and definitely had no desire to be in front of any group of people. But through the persistence of my older sister, Terica, I was encouraged to “give it a try”. And you know what, “I loved it!”, and God used that moment of stepping out in faith to unshackle me of those fears that had prevented me before of serving Him in the way that he created me….Hallelujah!!

Shortly thereafter, through singing in church choirs and worship teams, God birthed in me the passion of leading His people into His presence through Worshipping Him. He also planted me in a ministry where I could serve under a very encouraging and gracious Worship Pastor who helped me to grow in this newfound desire. By mentoring me, and allowing me many opportunities to serve, it helped refine me to be the Worship Leader God wanted me to be. Not only that, but even to this day, God is continually shaping and molding me into the man, father, husband, and servant that He wants me to be.

God’s word assures us that by worshipping and glorifying Him, that “He will inhabit the praises of His people!” My desire as a Worship leader, is to, by example, lead God’s people to “Enter In” and to experience His fullness through total abandon and surrender, and real, uninhibited Worship. Thank you, FBC Swannanoa, for allowing my wife and I to join you on this journey!